Atlanta Metadata Authority provides cataloging expertise for modern enterprise content management systems (ECMs) and digital asset management systems (DAMs) to an exclusive list of clients. By providing an outsourcing solution for the arrangement and description of digital assets, Atlanta Metadata Authority seeks to assist with the usability and return on investment of ECM and DAM systems.

Elizabeth Keathley, owner of Atlanta Metadata Authority, has worked in the information management community since 2002. You can read her CV on LinkedIn or check out her resume on Google Drive. Her book "Digital Asset Management: Content Architectures, Project Management, and Creating Order out of Media Chaos", is available on Amazon as a textbook in both physical and kindle textbook format; DRM free copies can be purchased from this site. Elizabeth formerly chaired the education committee for the DAM Foundation and was the lead in writing the five-part DAM certificate course.  

Elizabeth is currently fully booked helping arrange, describe, preserve and provide access to assets in global DAMs.  Emails will be answered within 48 hours of reciept; Elizabeth no longer takes cold calls from potential clients. You can also keep up Elizabeth on Twitter and G+, where she posts about meetups, DAM conferences, and changes in the work force and societal structures related to the Information Age.