This chapter really builds on information passed along in all the others, but especially the search strategies discussed in chapter eight.  We deep dive into the guts of search and how it works against the metadata models built for each item type in your DAM.

I think this abridgment works better than that for chapter eight; there were simply fewer images to talk around. On the other hand, parts of this chapter may sound like I'm reading a list of vocabulary words and definitions, and that's because in a way I am.  I have, however, tried to work these terms into a narrative, but as usual it's up to you to decide if I have succeeded.

This post is going up on a Wednesday instead of the normal Thursday release because I'll be attending the two day Digital Forensics for Archivists class offered by the Society of American Archivists this week. If you've never attended a class offered by SAA, I can't recommend them enough. I depend on events like this to continually update my skill set and to look at DAM from the perspectives of other fields. In a field that's constantly moving along with new technology, you can never get enough exposure to new material and different insights.