Once my book hit the year-old mark, I started getting questions about when the second edition would be out. In the world of tech books, it's update or be obsolete.

I started work on the second edition in August, two years after I started writing the first edition, and I was pretty shocked at how many of the links needed updating. After a few months of rewrites and collaboration, I'm very proud of the end result! The new edition has about 30% new or updated content overall, with the most notable change being a huge boost in the quality of graphics. Sadly, this boosted the cost of a physical copy of the book to $75, but don't worry! The PDF of the textbook on Amazon dropped to just below $10, and I'm offering another option for people who really like the feel of paper in their hands.

If you have the type of employer who doesn't monitor your printer usage, or assigns those costs in a different way, you can purchase a printable PDF of the book right from this site for $30. The thirty dollar download includes a printable PDF, the .mobi file (the e-book that lets you scroll, rather than turning pages), and some extra files for working digital asset managers. There's even a straight HTML version for those purists who want to convert the file to their own format!

Enjoy, y'all.