As those who follow my work in digital asset management know, I'm a huge booster of the DAM meetup movement. These informal gatherings of digital asset managers to talk in an environment free of vendor sales pitches are crucial to the development not only of personal professional growth, but to the DAM industry as a whole. DAM meetups are where we gather to exchange ideas, hash industry news, and talk about the regional DAM scene. This first live recording of the ATL DAM meetup group is posted here to give anyone who is interested a listen to what goes on at our meetings. The NYC DAM meetup sometimes releases recordings of their events on YouTube, and those have proven to be quite popular. I've also attended DAM meetups in Chicago and London, and I loved them all. There's nothing quite like really discussing digital asset management with others who really "get" what you're going on about, or why you're excited about digital asset management.

Here are links to the materials discussed in the recording:

The original article by Jeff Lawrence and Ralph Windsor's critique "DAM Innovation: Who hit the pause button?"

Front page to the three-part series issued in reply to the debate by David Diamond, Ralph Windsor, and Jeff Lawrence

Lisa's Grimm's excellent summary and response to all of this - and the source of the graphic posted here (and that we laugh at in the recording).

Voices you'll hear:

Sarah Adegunwa
Juaquin Anderson
Elizabeth Keathley
Eric Reber
Matt Thesing 
Jennifer Tyner
Special guest: Cynthia the Human Resources professional

Music intro and outro is St. Vincent's track Digital Witness from her self-titled release.

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